What is a Masjid

What is a Masjid?

The Mosque is considered to be the community center for Muslims. Better known in Arabic as a Masjid, the mosque represents the nucleus of the Muslim family and community. Daily prayers are offered five times throughout segments of the day. After prayers are offered, Muslims gather for brief discussion and interaction with one another. This interaction maintains a level of unity in the community by fostering social, spiritual, and economic bonds.

On Friday afternoons, Muslims hold their weekly congregational prayer known in the Arabic language as Jummah, which means congregation. This weekly ritual provides the Muslim community the opportunity to be reminded and encouraged to live a virtuous life, and to have a positive impact to improve the society and environment in which they live. The message is delivered by the Imam of the Mosque.

The Imam is the leader of the community (similar to a priest); he is respected and looked up to for spiritual guidance and advice. In order to provide practical solutions and guidance for the challenges we face in our lives, the Imam must be well versed in the Qur’an, the word of God for Muslims, and the Hadith, which represents the sayings and compassionate traditions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), and the wisdom of the contextual applications.

ISCF Mosques are named after the 99 beautiful attributes of God. These characteristics represent the true nature of God Al-Mighty and His significance as the greatest creator and only deity in the universe. Muslims believe that His qualities must be reflected upon, honored, and incorporated into our own character.

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