The Attribute

Al-Mumin is The Security. Imam Al-Ghazali states it “is the one to whom security and safety are ascribed because He conveys the means to attain them and blocks the paths of dangers. For security and safety are only conceivable in locations of fear, and fear only arises with the possibility of annihilation or destruction. the absolutely faithful is God – may He be praised and exalted- as the one from whose direction alone security and safety may conceivably emanate. He explains, “A man’s share in this name and attribute lies in all creatures being safe from him. Moreover, every fearful person can anticipate help from him in keeping harm away from them, whether in religious or worldly affairs.” As the Messenger of God – may God’s blessings and peace be upon him- said: “When one believes in God and the last day, his neighbor is safe from his misdeeds.”

This Masjid was established in December 1999. It serves Muslims living in the Titusville area between Daytona Beach and Melbourne.

1011 S. Washington (US-1)
Titusville, FL 32780
Ph: 321.268.1833