Rawdat Al-Salam
(Garden of Peace)

“And when their term comes they cannot delay it an hour nor advance it.”  

                                                                                                         (Qur’an 16:61)

Where will YOUR loved ones be buried?

Transition to the next life is a reality we must all one day face for ourselves and for our loved ones. In preparation for this part of the journey, we must plan for where we will reside until we meet our Lord. Until recently, the Muslim community had a section allocated for this need at the Chapel Hill Cemetery.  All praise be to God, the Muslim community in the greater Central Florida area has experienced phenomenal growth. As a result of this growth, our community has outgrown the space at Chapel Hill. ISCF saw the need to establish a Cemetery catering to our needs. In 2002, we secured the adjacent land to Chapel Hill to extend the current Muslim section and expand it into a larger cemetery.  Rawdat As-Salam, or Garden of Peace, was formed.
The gravesites at Rawdat As-Salam Cemetery will allow you and your loved ones to be respected and cared for in the proper Islamic manner. The entire cemetery will be according to Islamic guidelines. The cemetery is located about 2 miles from Masjid Al-Rahman, making it easier for you and any community member to visit your loved ones.
Buy a cemetery package on behalf of your Muslim brothers and sisters who cannot afford the peace of mind of securing a grave (this qualifies as a tax-deductible contribution). May Allah reward you for your efforts and bless you and your family with prosperity.

Please call The Islamic Society of Central Florida to set up an appointment to arrange for a funeral package.

The Islamic Society of Central Florida strives to help in all aspects of our members’ life and death events.

When a Muslim/Muslimah is at the Point of Death: 

Family members of the dying person and his most pious friends should be informed and should be present at his side to help him turn his thoughts to Allah. They should encourage him very gently to repent, remind him about all the good deeds that he did, about Allah’s mercy, and Allah’s forgiveness so that he may anticipate Allah’s mercy and Allah’s favors. 

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: 

“Let no Muslim die except expecting and hoping the best from Allah” (Muslim). 

Those who are present near a dying Muslim should do the following:
    •    They should be kind and patient.
    •    They should never leave him alone.
    •    They should give him hope, not allowing him to collapse out of pain or panic.
The following are the sunnah that Islam encourages us to do over a dying person:
1. Advise the dying person to say La ilaha illa-Allah [There is no god but Allah] 

The purpose is to remind him of the Oneness of Allah. Mu’adh Ibn Jabal states that the messenger of Allah, (PBUH) said, “He whose last words are ‘La ilaha illa-Allah’, shall enter Paradise.” [AbuDaw’ud; Al-Hakim – a sound hadith]. 

But one who is unable to speak might say these words in his heart. The scholars are of the opinion that no pressure should be put on the dying person. 

2. Lay the dying person so that the qibla is on his right side. 

3. Recite Surah Yaasin from the Qur’an. 

4. They should make Dua’ to Allah to help him go through the situation easy, and forgive him. 

When Death Occurs: 

When the person is confirmed dead, family members or those who are present should first say:
    •    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un [Verily we belong to Allah, and truly to Him shall we return]
    •    Close the eyes of the deceased.
    •    They should bind his lower jaw to his head so that it does not sag.
    •    They should cover all his body completely with a clean sheet.
    •    They should make Dua’ (Supplicate) to Allah to forgive him.
    •    They can mourn his loss; Weeping is allowed –but wailing or breast-beating, tearing hair or clothes or any ther form of mourning loudly is strictly not allowed.
    •    They should hasten to prepare the body for washing, shrouding and burial.
    •    There is no Islamic teaching of putting flowers, candles etc., in the deceased’s room.

  • Itemization of Charges:
        •    Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home (up to 25 miles)
        •    Refrigeration of Unembalmed Remains (up to 72 Hours)
        •    Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff
        •    Supervision of Funeral Service at Other Facility
        •    Utility Vehicle
        •    Hearse Transport to Cemetery
        •    26 x 14 Granite Grave Marker (Flat Grass Marker)
        •    Opening/Closing of Grave
        •    Muslim Orthodox Vault
  •     •    Lifetime maintenance of grave site.

Cemetery Address:

Rawdat Al-Salaam (Garden of Peace)

2200 Harrell Road 

Orlando, FL 32807