Leaders Preparatory College

The Islamic studies program  is a 7-courses / 4-levels program which can be completed in 2 years.   It will teach you all the required skills needed to be an Imam, a teacher, or Professional Muslim with the necessary Islamic knowledge in whatever career or  professional field you choose.

Eligible Students

1) College level Students: Must have graduated from high school, and must be enrolled at a college level institution /or Have completed a minimum of AA Degree.
2) Must be able to read and write Arabic.
3) Must have memorized at least the 30th Juzu' of the Holy Quran.

Leaders Preparatory College

Join our college and start learning your religion using the best tools available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of knowledge needed for today’s challenges.

our team

Imam Muhammad Musri, Ph.D.

College Founder & President مؤسس ورئيس الكلية

Imam Musri is the President of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, and Leaders Preparatory School. Imam Musri founded the college to help students acquire Islamic Studies in the United States.

Feyral Elkhaldi, ED.D.

College Dean عميدة الكلية

An experienced educational leader, with world class experience from the U.S.A. to Malaysia, to U.A.E.! Dr. Feryal Elkhaldi is also the principal of Leaders Preparatory School.  

Imam Abdallah AlJabban, Ph.D.

مدرس مادة الحديث

Imam AlJabban is someone who can explain Hadith and understand how to apply it, and he teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

Imam Mohamed Nur

مادة العقيدة

A strict teacher that has been teaching since 1998. Imam Nur won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.

Imam Hicham Janiune

مادة السيرة

Imam Hicham will teach the students the life story of the Prophet Muhammad, p.b.u.h., and how to apply it in their personal lives.

Dr. Monzer Elkhaldi

مادة الفقه

Dr. Elkhaldi has many years experience teaching the fiqh, help the students understand how to apply in their daily worship of Salat, Zakat, Seyam, Hajj, and other form of worship.

Sr. Lina Arnaout Felo

مادة التربية الإسلامية

A teacher of the Holy Quran, that has been teaching since 2005. She is a great leader, the sisters hold her great esteem for her dedication and hard work. She is a motivated leader who will inspire the young generation.

Imam Armaan Majharee

مادة اللغة العربية

Imam Majharee is an experienced Arabic teacher especially for non-native Arabic speakers. The class is designed to help the students understand the Quran, Hadith, and original sources of Islamic knowledge.

Imam Muhammad Musri, Ph.D.

مدرس مادة التفسير

Imam Musri has a PHD in Islamic Studies. His Tafseer Class is to help the students understand the message of the Holy Quran. As the source of the all faith, studying the Quran is essential to understand Islam.

Online program

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, LPC is offering all classes online. We know about your hectic schedule, so we designed evening and weekend online meeting times.  In addition to the lectures by our Imams and teachers, We also require watching online lecture videos by other professors. 

Attend Classes

In addition to our online classrooms, we also offer a live classroom. Here you’ll be able to Meet the teachers and ask all your questions. It takes place in our  campus located at:

1021 N. Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL 32807.

Classes Schedule

FALL 2020 Semester:
DAILY: 6:00-9:00 pm.
September 7 - December 13

For more Info.

Contact Imam Mohamed Nur
Sr. Lina Felo