The Attribute

Al-Rahman is The MERCY, He is the total source of Mercy (His is Mercy) – what leads to Infinite Good.  This is the primary and essential attribute of God (great and glorious is He).    Imam Al-Ghazali states: The Infinite Good is He who loves men, first by creating them; second, by guiding them to faith and to means of salvation; third, by making them happy in the next world; and fourth, by granting them the contemplation of His noble face.

Man’s responsibility, Imam Al-Ghazali explains, in the name al-Rahman lies in his showing mercy to the negligent, dissuading them from the path of negligence towards God, great and glorious is He, by exhortation and counseling, by way of gentleness not violence, regarding the disobedient with eyes of mercy and not contempt; letting every insubordination perpetrated in the world be as his own misfortune, so sparing no effort to eliminate it to the extent he can — all out of mercy to the disobedient lest they be exposed to God’s wrath and so deserve to be removed from proximity to Him.


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