Get Involved in Your Community

Muslims are to be instruments of positive change for the people and environment around us.  Get Involved today by volunteering, interning, sharing your ideas, or just share a smile!  Everyone will be rewarded for their actions according to their intentions and perfection of their work: “And whosoever does good equal to the weight of an atom, shall see its reward…” (Quran 99:7).

“Not equal are the believers who are sitting, except those with disability, to those who strive in the cause of Allah with their money and their selves. Allah has granted a grade higher to those who strive with their money and selves than to those who are sitting.” (Quran 4:95)

We are all blessed with something in our lives that we can give of ourselves to benefit others.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for your ISCF!

Below are the different departments you can volunteer in:

  • Your Masjid.
  • Leaders Preparatory School
  • Muslim Social Services
  • Center for Peace
  • Youth Group
  • Weekend School (WISE)

                                                                  WELCOME TO THE TEAM!