Care for Orphans

In Central Florida alone, their are over 1200 children waiting for your love and guidance in the foster care program. Every year, enough children to fill 15 classrooms are in need of either temporary foster care or permanent adoption. These children are orphans right here needing your help.

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How Muslim Social Services helps orphans

Muslim Social Services collaborates with local foster care, children’s group homes, and adoption agencies, all working together to help these children find a loving home.  Some children may only need a temporary safe and loving home, while many others are looking for their forever home with adoptive parents. 

Muslim Social Services holds adoption and foster care seminars to provide a better understanding of the programs available.  In addtion, MSS strives to provide requested items to children living in group homes and is working on developing additional support programs for these youth.

Is adoption and foster care allowed in Islam?

Whether adoption and foster care is allowed in Islam is often misunderstood.  Islam does not prohibit adoption, but rather encourages it.  Islam provides clear teachings to allow adoption while, at the same time, preserve the integrity of the family.  Adoption of children for the purpose of raising and caring for them is not only permissible but a very blessed deed in Islam. 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “I and the one who sponsors an orphan are like this in Paradise.” Then he joined his index and middle fingers (Bukhari)

Adoption is encouraged in Islam.  However, it is unlawful to claim the child as your own if there is no biological relationship.  Since adopted and foster care children retain their own family identity, considerations must be made to uphold an Islamic environment with the family.

Bringing another child in to my home can be expensive.  Is their any financial assistance?

There are no adoption fees when you adopt a child from the foster care program. You may be eligible for tax credits to help offset your expenses. If you choose to become a foster parent, you are eligible for monthly stipends to help with the additional expenses. Children from the foster care program are also eligible for a free college education. 

Bringing a child in to your home may increase your monthly expenses slightly but the rewards are far greater!

What are the requirements to become foster parent?

All potential parents must pass background screenings and complete a training program.  The process takes approximately 6-9 months to complete.  The main requirements are: a big and loving heart, a loving home, and the desire to make a difference in a child’s life.

How can I learn more about adoption and foster care?

If you are interested in learning more about adoption and foster care, please contact Muslim Social Services. MSS can provide free foster care adoption resources and referrals.


How else can I help these orphans?

Your financial donation will provide support to MSS programs that provide care for orphans.  If you would like to purchase specific items that are requested by orphans through our partnerships, please contact Muslim Social Services for a current list of items needed. 



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