Ibrahim & Mariam Youth Group

Our Muslim Youth are AMAZING individuals, full of great energy, intelligence, and diversity.  It is imperative for our youth to establish a connection with the great role models of the Holy Prophets and Pious individuals.  The name of the youth group, Ibrahim and Mariamrepresents the great personalities in history of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and Mariam (Mary the mother of Jesus) that we want our youth to look up to, for both boys and girls.  God mentions both of these exemplary individuals in the Quran, with a chapter of their own, highlighting how each of these great individuals lived by always loving and being concious of God, specifically during their youth and adult life.  We pray our youth can follow in the footsteps of these great individuals, Ibrahim & Mariam, and develop a bright future for our community and world.

Are YOU Ready for this?

The Ibrahim & Mariam Youth Initiative is focused on inspiring young Muslims to make Islam a priority in their lives through:

  1. Spiritual Enrichment
  2. Intellectual Creativity
  3. Physical Fitness
  4. Emotional Balance
  5. Community Awareness

These qualities help prepare young people for a life of ultimate fulfillment and success through a solid relationship with the creator.  Build balance in your spiritual and worldly life through positive thinking and a clear understanding of the world around you.

Benefits that Last a Lifetime & Beyond

Explore the possibilities and opportunities for you and your future and have some fun doing it.

  1. Develop leadership skills
  2. Strengthen yourself physically and develop sportsmanship
  3. Venture to exciting and fun places
  4. Discover your Islamic heritage
  5. Meet new friends
  6. Understand your purpose in life

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun

When you join the Ibrahim & Mariam Youth Initiative, you will be able to participate in fun and exciting activities and learn more about your potential.

  1. Take field trips to exotic places
  2. Go on camping trips or retreats
  3. Participate in Sporting tournaments
  4. Pick your brain at Academic competitions

To reach the goals of the Ibrahim & Mariam Youth Initiative, ISCF has developed three components to help encompass the overall character of a successful Muslim Youth:

Youth Program

Weekly Activities
Life Skills Sessions
Sports Competitions
(Program for 11-17yrs old)

3. Sports Program

Experience the Fun, Friendship, Possibilities and Potential that a Youth program membership has to offer. 

Let your voice be heard, join today.

Ibrahim & Mariam Youth Initiative Form

After completing the form please drop it off at the Masjids you are applying with.

For more information contact:

Youth Department | 1586 N. Goldenrod Rd. Suite A Orlando, FL 32807 | (407) 273-8363 | youthgroup@iscf.org