Healing Clinic

The need for accessible healthcare will always be a focal point of all societies. Although the advancements in medical technology has reached great strides in trying to find the cures of the major diseases that plague our world, many people because of financial difficulty, limited access to information and other unknown reasons are not even getting the attention for their basic medical ailments.

One of the main human rights that all people should receive is the right to receive affordable medical attention in a time of need. With this concept in mind, the Islamic Society of Central Florida in partnership with the Florida Department of Health has partnered to initiate the first Muslim free Clinic staffed and operated by Muslims in Orlando.

About the Program

Program Description:

  • The clinic can officially service members of the community that are considered under the low-income bracket which is defined as the following:
  • A person who is Medicaid-eligible under Florida Law
  • A person who is without health insurance and whose family income does not exceed 200 % of the federal poverty level as defined annually by the federal Office of Management and Budget
  • Any client of the department who voluntarily chooses to participate in a program offered or approved by the department and meets the program eligibility guidelines of the department
  • The Florida Department of Health will provide sovereign immunity for all doctors under the operations of the clinic and volunteer training for all general volunteers on proper procedures of filling out forms and handling patients needs

Hours of Operation:

First Saturday of each month

Please call (407) 250-5822 to confirm days and hours of operation


Initial Medical Services:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Pediatrician

Doctor Referrals:

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer Doctor

To learn more about volunteering as a physician, please click here

To begin the volunteer process, please complete the Volunteer Physician Application (PDF)

Volunteer Nurse

To begin the volunteer process, please complete the Volunteer Nurse Application (PDF)

For the Nurses and Doctors, please read the Sovereign Immunity Statement (PDF)

Be part of the Referral Medical Program

For those doctors and physicians who are not able to contribute their time at the clinic, the Referral Medical Program is a way to assist while at your own clinic by offering discounts or pro bono services to patients that the Muslim Healing Clinic refers.

Be part of the Emergency Relief Unit

In a state of an emergency related to a natural or man made disaster, doctors and medical specialists are encouraged to get involved with their expertise to help those in need.

General Volunteer

General volunteers are also needed to check in patients and help at the Clinic. To begin t he volunteer process, please complete the Volunteer Applications (PDF)

For more information about any of these opportunities, please call 407-250-5822

Email us at: socialservices@iscf.org