Homeland Security

Muslim Social Services commends the efforts by Homeland Security to welcome legitimate travelers while securing our nation from those who wish to do us harm.

The Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP) was created for individuals who  seek resolution regarding difficulties they experienced during their travel.  This includes:

watch list issues (please note: If you can print a Boarding Pass you are not on the No-Fly List)
screening problems at ports of entry
situations where travelers believe they have been unfairly or incorrectly delayed, denied boarding or identified for additional screening at our nation’s transportation hubs such as travelers who have been repeatedly identified for additional screening at airports.
Muslim Social Services will be happy to assist you with your complaint. Once your complaint is processed by the Department of Homeland Security, a Redress Control Number will be provided to you.  By providing your Redress Control Number when making your travel arrangements and ticket purchases, the likelihood of your being detained for mistaken identity will be reduced.  To read more about this program, please visit the Homeland Security website by clicking here.  For assistance with your complaint please contact Muslim Social Services.

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