Service Appreciation Program

 Giving Thanks to those who Give

The program focuses on recognizing different service oriented organizations in the community that include non-profits, civic organizations and charities to promote the spirit of appreciation and neighborliness in the community.

On behalf of the sponsors, ISCF through the Center for Peace will send a complimentary breakfast to the organization in appreciation for the services they provide the community. 

The Sponsorship Package is $100 for each organization. 

A greeting card will be sent with the order to the organization with the name of the sponsor included.          

Sponsor a Thank You Breakfast Today!

If you are interested to sponsor a thank you Breakfast please send us an email to or contact us at 407-273-8363 with the following information:

Your Name



Amount you would like to sponsor:

Name of the Non-Profit, Civic or Charity Organization you would like to send the thank you breakfast to.