Weekend Islamic Schools for Excellence

It has become evident in our world that for any chance of hope for change and progress in our Muslim communities to take place and thrive, our focus needs to be on our youth.  The common cliché that the youth are our future is repeated throughout different societies, but do we really understand the value of the youth? 

When was the last time you told your son or daughter how valuable and precious they are to you as a parent and to the community at large?  We are not talking about just buying them things, feeding them, sending them to schools and providing shelter.  We are talking about sitting with your young child or teenager and discussing the value and potential they hold to the community.  We are talking about teaching them the values and principles that will safe guard them from the challenges and temptations they will face when you as a parent will not be around. 

Not only are the parents responsible for their own kids, but the community at large must share in this responsibility.  Everyone from the Imam to the regular member of the community shares and will be held accountable in front of Allah (SWT) if any opportunity to guide our youth is ignored and mishandled. 

We must all answer the call to guide the youth of our community to a path of righteousness and greatness under the banner of La Illah Illah Allah, Muhammadon Rasulu Allah. 

With this commitment in mind, the Weekend Islamic Schools for Excellence (WISE)  has been reorganized with a new universal curriculum across all ISCF weekend schools, consistent teacher training and more hands on student engagement.

Your job as a parent to register your child to one of the WISE programs is essential to the well being of our future. 

We look forward to having your child participate and having you invest in the future of our community with time and effort. 

Because together, anything is possible.


For more information contact:

Youth Department | 1586 N. Goldenrod Rd. Suite A Orlando, FL 32807 | (407) 273-8363 | mail@iscf.org

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